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who we are

We are a passionate team of like-minded professionals who are creating complex unique software products. The secret of our success is that we skillfully combine the fusion of experience, effective mentoring and the desire to constantly grow. A key differentiator of the company is a special ethics of employees' relations, which supports a co-creative atmosphere and ensures the development of potential.





We proudly develop Java office software components.

SComponents is a package of Java components that enable capabilities to process office files (spreadsheets, documents, charts) inside Java application simply and efficiently.

SComponents products are more than Java API: JavaFX and SWT widgets are available for every product. Follow our product site to know more.

Java Component for displaying and editing spreadsheet data of XLSX format in your application: rich formatting  capabilities, powerful formula engine.​

Java Component for displaying, editing and converting data of various document formats in your application. Supported formats: DOCX, PDF, PostScript, RTF.

Java Component for visualizing spreadsheet data in graphical format in your application. 

Senior Java Developer

We're looking for experienced open-minded product- and result- oriented Java Developer to join our team.

Required Skills:


  • Experience in commercial development for more than 5 years

  • Solid experience in Java SE (versions 8-11) from 3 years;

  • Ability to write clean code

  • Experience and desire to cover code by tests

  • Experience of usage Jira, Confluence or similar tools 

  • Excellent communication skills

  • English level: Intermediate

Mid+ / Senior QA Engineer

We're looking for experienced open-minded product- and result- oriented Senior QA Engineer to join our team.

Required Skills:


  • 2+ years of manual testing

  • English: intermediate+

  • Experience in testing web and desktop applications

  • Experience in creation and support of test documentation (test cases, checklists, use cases)

  • Ability to plan own work and self-organized

  • Ability to work without formal requirements (requirements are widespread for the domain)

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